- Must have CashApp, Venmo or PayPal to receive earnings. - Payouts will go to the Team Captain. It will be up to that person to distribute the earnings to their team! - Payouts may be held if any disputes regarding the tournament winner are raised! EpiQ Gaming's staff will investigate and will determine a true winner and only then will payouts be released!

Entry Fee's

- Team Captains are responsible for entry fee's for their team. - You can purchase credits for entry fee's using EpiQBot on discord.
While we host some FREE ENTRY tournaments, most will require entry fees. For now, EpiQ Gaming does not profit from any entry fee's! Its 100% payout to the winner(s) of the tournament!

Check In's

- Your team should check in the day of the event. - If your team does not participate your team will forfeit all entry fee's. - If your team can't attend you MUST leave the tournament before the tournament starts! If you leave before the tournament starts your credits will be refunded.


ALL members MUST be in the discord server AND connected to a Voice Channel in our server during the tournament. - 1 Sub player per team allowed during the entire duration of the tournament - If you choose to sub a player in, this sub player will be the sub player for the entire tournament. (Original player will still be permitted to play when available)


- Tournaments labeled "NA" will be NA ONLY (no EU, CA or LATAM).